Nanoparticles Show Promise for Locating Endometriosis Lesions

The animal-model study, published today in the journal Small, shows that the iron oxide nanoparticles, injected intravenously, act as a contrast agent – they accumulate in the lesions, making them easier to see by advanced imaging such as MRI. And when exposed to an alternating magnetic field, a non-invasive procedure, the nanoparticles’ temperature soars to … Read more

New Treatment for Preventing Dental Plaque Build-up Discovered

[ad_1] New research from the University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with Indiana University, published in the journal suggested a new treatment for dental plaque. A daily application of an iron-oxide nanoparticle-containing solution called ferumoxytol with hydrogen peroxide rinse reduced the buildup of harmful dental plaque and had a targeted effect on the bacteria largely responsible … Read more