10 Amazing Benefits of Giloy Amrit Ras or Giloy Juice


Giloy is an Ayurvedic herb that has long been used and recommended in Indian medicine. From treating persistent fever to enhancing digestion and immunity, giloy Amrit ras has 10 remarkable advantages. And here, this article focuses on Giloy Amrit ras by VedNidhi, a well-known brand popular for its quality over quantity in various food items used … Read more

Nanoparticles Show Promise for Locating Endometriosis Lesions

The animal-model study, published today in the journal Small, shows that the iron oxide nanoparticles, injected intravenously, act as a contrast agent – they accumulate in the lesions, making them easier to see by advanced imaging such as MRI. And when exposed to an alternating magnetic field, a non-invasive procedure, the nanoparticles’ temperature soars to … Read more

Risks Associated With Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests: Warnings by FDA

[ad_1] ” in a press release. Recent media coverage of a Hastings Center Report has found out that the marketing around these NIPTs often included misled and false information. The test may result in a false positive or a false negative. This leaded parents to terminate a normal pregnancy. has issued a similar report. The … Read more